Board of Directors

MHNA maintains an annually elected and appointed board of directors from major organizations and institutions located in the neighborhood. The board has 4 officers, elected annually, and 11 directors with alternating 2 year terms. Currently, there are 5 directors appointed to the board.

MHNA Board of Directors 2016-2017

Jan Morse | President
Robert Stableski | Vice President
John Capecci | Secretary | Creative Places Committee Co-Chair
Kim Renneberg | Treasurer
Barbara Camm
Cordelia Pierson | Environment Committee Co-Chair
Diane Hahn | Creative Places Committee Co-Chair
Jim Tacyshyn-Roth
Marcus Mills | Land Use & Development Committee Co-chair, Environment Committee Co-Chair
Rebekah Martin
Richard Kavaney
Robin McGallliard Nelson
Ted Tucker | Land Use & Development Co-chair
Doug Donley | Dinkytown Business Alliance (DBA)
Grant Simons | Minnesota Student Association (MSA)
Jane McBride | Southeast Minneapolis Clergy 
Ryan Machtmes | Council of Graduate Students (COGS)
Wendy Born | Greek Alumni Council

We currently have an open seat for a board member appointed by the Northeast Business Association (NEBA). If you belong to NEBA and would like to serve as the a rep to MHNA, learn more here and download an application here.