Elwell Park | 714 6th Street SE

Elwell Park is a community/artist-designed park with a house theme, featuring a front porch swing, a bed bridge and mosaic sofa in the playground area. It is also known as "Turtle Park" for the large mosaic turtle standing guard. It's a popular spot for young children.

Father Hennepin Bluffs Park  | 420 Main Street SE | 612.230.6400

The upper level has walking trails, interpretive signage and an amphitheater for concerts. The lower level lets you touch the river and see up close our animal neighbors, including deer, otters, herons and eagles. The Stone Arch Bridge enters the neighborhood at Father Hennepin Bluffs Park.

Holmes Park | 414 3rd Avenue SE | 612.230.6400

Holmes Park is adjacent to Marcy Open School. A large playground, open meadow and barbecue grills make this an ideal place for families.

Marcy Park | 711 11th Avenue SE | 612.230.6400

Features a playground as well as hills that are popular with sunbathers.

Water Power Park | 204 Main Street SE | 612.230.6400

The park is open to the public. Visitors can experience the power of the mighty Mississippi River as it flows over St. Anthony Falls. This unique setting makes Water Power Park a favorite choice for weddings. The park has walking trails and interpretive signage.